Shenzhen Huapai Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

R & D strength
R & D strength

Chief scientist
Scientist in Fortune 500
in the United States

30 Year

Chief scientist
Engaged in digital inkjet
ink research for 30 years

80 +Personnel

Professional R&D team

16 Rooms

R&D laboratory test room

560 Sets

Wide Format Inkjet
Printer for testing

R & D team


Inkbank R&D team is composed of scientists who have worked in Fortune 500 companies in United States and have been engaged in digital inkjet ink research for nearly 30years, also invited experts from Germany and Japan as technical consultants. There are more than 80 R&D and testing teams composed of professional and technical personnel with college degrees or above, accounting for more than 30% of the company's total employees. It has 12 R&D laboratories, 3 environmental test rooms, a desktop printing test room with more than 500 desktop printers and a wide-format printing test room with nearly 60 wide-format machines (industrial machines).



In process of INKBANK R&D the composition and purity of raw materials are tested by liquid chromatograph, ion chromatograph and other instruments; the shape and distribution of particles in ink are analyzed by laser particle size analyzer; the normal nano-distribution of ink particles is achieved by nano-grinding technology; Monitor the performance and regularity of ink on the printer print head through the ink drop observer; comprehensively analyze the relationship between ink, medium and color through the  X-rite color densitometer. To ensure that the ink is effectively guaranteed in terms of raw materials, R&D, production and comprehensive ink performance,INKBANK overall R&D strength and product technology innovation have always been in the leading position in the industry. 


Come for colorful life


Company culture

Mission: Come for a colorful life

Vision: To become the world's largest digital ink company

Values: truth-seeking, enterprising, innovative, collaborative, sharing


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