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PCB Character Printing Ink

Color migration problems such as discoloration, staining, and color mixing have plagued users for a long time. The processed textiles undergo storage stacking pressure, transportation temperature changes and other factors, which lead to the movement of dye molecules from the fabric to the fabric surface, which reduces the color fastness of the fabric and seriously affects the quality of the textile. Inkbank high sublimation fastness ink uses high temperature disperse dyes, which can effectively improve the sublimation fastness of the ink, and can solve the color migration problems such as discoloration, staining and color mixing after the fabric is transferred. The ink has the characteristics of simple use process, strong stability, good fluency and excellent imprinting performance.



1、Designed with dual curing system, LED low energy curing;

2、Strong adhesion, high temperature solder tin resistance, acid and alkali resistance, excellent solvent resistance

3、White ink not getting yellow, the coverage performance stronger; the hardness up to four or more;

4、Using environmental protection materials, meet RoHS and REACH standards.


For use with printers

Ricoh,Konica,PCB character printer


For use with print head models

Ricoh G5 / G6  Konica 1024i

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