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The Future of Packaging Printing: Water Based Latex Ink

Discover the innovative advancements in packaging printing with water-based latex ink and learn how this eco-friendly solution is shaping the future of the industry.

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2024 DPES Printing EXPO, INKBANK will meet you in Guangzhou 4.7

2024 DPES Printing EXPO will be held on April 7-9, 2024 at Poly World Trade Center Expo. As a Chinese leading manufacturer of digital inks and service provider of application solutions, INKBANK at grandly introduce textile ink series products with high performance at this exhibition. Including reactive dye ink, high temperature dispersion ink, roll-to-roll pigment ink, acid dye ink, as well as the newly developed heat sublimation ink with high concentration, high permeability and high color fastness.     These products are not only widely used in the fields of fabrics, garments, shoes and bags, but also perfectly meet the market's urgent demand for personalized and customized products with their diversified application solutions. For more application demonstrations, please visit us at Booth B10 on April 7, we look forward to your visit!   PRODUCTS       01.Reactive Dye Ink   ▶Bright colors and high saturation ensure perfect rendering of patterns from design to output. ▶Strict quality control, good compatibility with printheads, prolonging the life of printheads.       02. High temperature dispersion ink   ▶ Has excellent resistance to high temperature and color migration and is suitable for all polyester and synthetic fabrics. ▶Has strong coloring power and high color fastness, even with frequent washing, it can keep the fabric color lasting and bright.       03. Roll-to-roll pigment ink     ▶Wide color gamut, color saturation and gorgeous, excellent color reproduction. ▶Reliable running stability , capable of the high-speed mass printing production. ▶Simplified process, free of steaming and washing process, low-carbon and environmental protection.        04. Sublimation ink     ▶ High concentration, strong penetration and resistance to sunlight, ensuring that prints are not easily faded. ▶High solid content formula, a small amount of ink can realize sharp printing effect.   05. Acid Dye Ink   ▶ Optimal color and fastness performance on polyamide and silk fabrics. ▶ Excellent quality, stability, and color consistency, ensuring consistent printing results even after multiple prints.       06. DTF Pigment Ink   ▶ High whiteness of white ink and vividness of color inks . ▶ Soft and skin-friendly printing, breathable and comfortable to wear.       07. DTG Piment Ink   ▶Good printing effect, high color yield, high brightness of the image. ▶Simplified process, easy use for Garment personalization processing.     Get  GOTS 7.0 approval letter, certified by OEKO-TEX ECO PASSPORT, complies with ZDHC MRSL 3.1 standard, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) content and Restricted Substances Requirements, in line with the current GB 38507-2020 standard.          

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Exploring the Versatility of Medium Flexible LED-UV Curable Ink

Discover the endless possibilities of Medium Flexible LED-UV curable ink in the office supplies and printing consumables industry. Learn about its unique features, applications, and benefits in this c

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Unlock the Power of Medium Flexible LED-UV Curable Ink in the Printing Supplies Industry

Discover the versatility and efficiency of medium flexible LED-UV curable ink in the printing supplies industry. Learn how this innovative ink can revolutionize your printing process and improve your

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FESPA 2024, INKBANK brings with sustainable Inkjet solutions.

INKBANK has been focusing on inkjet ink solutions for over two decades, and specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of high-quality ink products.

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Unleash Your Creativity with Medium Flexible LED-UV Curable Ink

Explore the endless possibilities of medium flexible LED-UV curable ink and take your printing projects to the next level with vibrant colors, sharp details, and fast curing times. Learn how this inno

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